Teacher Education in CALL   

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CALL Teacher Education Resources and Professional Organizations

Note: Because websites change rapidly and URLs are often long and difficult to type in, most of the online teacher education resources mentioned in Teacher Education in CALL, along with others gathered by the authors, will appear on this website. Two other particularly noteworthy teacher education sites and a listing of major CALL professional organizations are provided below.

http://www.stanford.edu/~efs/callted. This is the support site for Teacher Education in CALL, containing links to course and resource pages collected from the contributors to this volume and other relevant information.

http://www.ict4lt.org. The home of the Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers Project, this site has the most comprehensive set of online materials available for both teacher trainers and independent learners. There are five modules each for basic, intermediate, and advanced level training in CALL, a separate module on assessment, and a resource center.

http://www.solki.jyu.fi/tallent. The TALLENT site (Teaching and Learning Languages Enhanced by New Technologies) has course outlines, sample projects, and reference lists for nine modules designed for in-service training.


PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: following is a list of some of the leading international and regional organizations focused on technology and language learning

http://www.apacall.org. The Asia-Pacific Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning

http://www.calico.org. The Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium

http://www.eurocall-languages.org. The European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning

http://www.iallt.org. The International Association of Language Learning Technologies

http://www.iateflcompsig.org.uk/. The Learning Technologies SIG of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

http://www.paccall.org. The Pacific Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning

http://www.uoregon.edu/~call/. The CALL Interest Section of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

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