Links to Phil Hubbard's
Course and Professional Development Pages


  Recent course pages  
        EFS 689E   Learning English on Your Own (Summer 2012)
        EFS 693B   Listening and Communication (Spring 2013)
        EFS 698B   Advanced Graduate Writing (Summer 2012)
        EFS 698C   Writing and Presenting Research (Winter 2013)
        Linguistics 191/291   Linguistics and the Teaching of ESL (Winter 2013)
  Professional Development Sites  
       An Invitation to CALL Foundations of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (A Mini-Course in CALL: updated Winter 2013)
       A Survey of Unanswered Questions in CALL   Survey description and results, with 64 research questions (a bit dated, but informative -- September 2002)
  Old course pages  
        Linguistics 35Q   Computers and Human Language (Winter 2002) 
        Linguistics 189/289   Linguistics and the Teaching of ESL (Winter 2004)
        Linguistics 189/289-CALL   CALL Mini-Course (Winter 2004)
        EFS 693A   Listening Comprehension (Autumn 2007)
        EFS 691   Oral Presentation (Winter 2011)

Updated March 31, 2013