Listening and Communication

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EFS 693B
Week 6 Notes

I. Opening lecture: Halloween

II.  Homework review: Vocabulary from DNA talk

    A. Quiz

    B. Discussion of phrases

III. Practicing vocabulary:;; Concept of spaced repetition.

IV. Movie support materials: has many movie transcripts: you can also try putting the movie title plus "transcript" into Google has examples of movie clips--scenes from movies--and "trailers"--advertisements that preview scenes from the movie to interest you in watching it. Includes comprehension questions but no transcripts. has movie guides for a number of good films. It has a summary of the movie and extensive vocabulary support

V. Watching movies for language learning: discuss

1) What are the best types of movies to watch for language learning? Why?

2) What are the worst types? Why?

3) Think about a movie you watched recently--how could you use it to improve your listening skills

4) See handout: Listening-to-Movies.doc

VI. Groundhog Day continued



1) Continue working on your independent project for three hours this week. Email your report (available here) to by Monday November 2 at 8:00 PM.

2) Explore Put in at least 20 words from your independent project work and/or from our class lists, divided into two, 10-word lessons. Practice these on at least two different days. Come prepared to discuss your experience. Spend a few minutes exploring the other two sites and see if either of them seems better for your purposes:;

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