Eugene Katsevich

About me


I am a fifth year PhD student at the Stanford Statistics Department, advised by Prof. Chiara Sabatti and supported by a Hertz Fellowship. I work on problems where mathematical and statistical methodology can be brought to bear on exciting scientific and technological applications.

In graduate school, I have focused on developing statistical methodology oriented towards applications in genomics. Methodologically, I am interested in multiple testing and variable selection problems in the presence of structure, which is ubiquitous in genomics. I am also broadly interested in reconciling data exploration with inferential guarantees. I have applied these ideas in the context of genome-wide association studies and Gene Ontology enrichment analyses.

Before coming to Stanford, I received a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Princeton University, where I worked with Prof. Amit Singer on problems in cryo-electron microscopy. There I worked on reconstructing biological macromolecules in their native environment from cryo-electron microscopy data. This involved inferring from noisy 2D data how the molecule's 3D structure can change as it carries out its biological function.

For more details about me, please see my CV.


Department of Statistics
390 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305
Email: ekatsevi (AT) stanford (DOT) edu