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Tips for Finding the Perfect Maid Service on a Student Budget

The idea of a college student having a maid on staff may sound more suited to an individual that comes from money with a trust fund but the reality is that it is entirely possible for a student to enlist the help of a maid service if necessary without breaking their bank account.

Let’s face it: no one really enjoys cleaning. Least of all busy students with assignments to complete and a degree to earn. Although the stigma of the “starving student” lives on and while there are many students who operate on squeaky tight budgets, there are ways to afford certain luxuries.

So what makes for a good maid service and how can students make sure the person they welcome into their home turns out to be a blessing and not a curse?

Match Your Needs to the Maid’s Specialties

Allergic to dust? Then look for a maid service that has professionals who are masters at keeping dust away. Not very good at cleaning the bathroom or kitchen? Then hire a maid who specializes in these areas.

Before hiring anyone, students should determine what specific cleaning needs must be addressed and how often. From there, find a maid service that has the right professionals but that also offers flexible cleaning schedules and price packages to keep things within the budget.

Consider a Green Maid Service Company

College students concerned about keeping their homes clean but who also want to minimize their carbon footprint, working with a company like Naked Clean ( is a very effective way to accomplish both goals.

Even though the name may raise an eyebrow, this company’s business model is all about providing green cleaning solutions for customers. By equipping its housecleaners with probiotic cleaning products, students don’t have to worry about harmful toxins and chemicals being present.

A special feature of using probiotic cleaners is that only the bad germs are killed, while the good ones that specialize in warding off infections and illnesses are left intact.

Take Location Into Consideration

Because most maid services require frequent visits on a weekly or monthly basis, it is important that the maid hired is able to conveniently get to the student’s home. Students living in San Diego have a fair share of maid services to choose from that specialize in this part of Southern California.

But choosing a maid service that caters to a person’s area isn’t just about common sense and convenience. Each region has its own lifestyle, characteristics and territory that are unique. For example, students living in off-campus housing in San Deigo mainly have to deal with warm temperatures. As this relates to cleaning, that could mean keeping hardwood floors or tiles clean and constantly dusting furniture and other surfaces.

Maid service companies in San Diego understand the household needs that come with the region, which means the maids sent out clearly know which cleaning issues to address as they relate to the environment and seasons.