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Why Being Over-Prepared in College is a Good Thing for the Dorms

Dorm living isn’t known for being glamorous but it does afford students the luxury of being centrally located to everything on campus, including their classes. This type of living situation does take some getting used to but going in properly prepared definitely increases the chances of a positive experience.

There is such a thing as being over-prepared and this can certainly be applied to dorm living. While in most instances, this could be seen as something to avoid, the truth is that being over-prepared can, in fact, be a good thing.

Obvious areas of transitioning into dorm living where over-preparedness could backfire include things like bringing unnecessary knickknacks from home, packing more clothes than there is room for and trying to squeeze in a bunch of furniture a student has brought from their bedroom at home.

Where over-preparedness comes in handy includes things like food, cleaning supplies and bedding items.


One of the most effective ways to be over-prepared when it comes to food in a way that benefits students in the dorms is investing in freeze dried food items. No longer bland and boring, there are a variety of freeze dried foods that range from breakfast foods and snacks to entire entrees that are delicious, easy to prepare and readily available for purchase in both stores as well as online retailers like

Contrary to popular belief, this product is no longer limited to emergency situations. Living in the dorms is cramped and doesn’t afford a full kitchen to use but being stocked up on freeze dried foods means instant access to snacks and meals that don’t require tons of prep and can save a lot of money in the long run when it comes to grocery shopping.

Cleaning Supplies

Dorm rooms aren’t always considered the cleanest of places to live. Bringing along a healthy supply of cleaning products is one way to ensure that a student’s living space is free of germs and spills. To save room on storage, it is a good idea to buy a caddy so all of the cleaning supplies will be contained in one easy to locate place.

Don’t have a lot of room for these items? Then look into purchasing products that are considered “2-in-1” or “3-in-1.” These versions will get the job done in a minimal amount of time and won’t contribute to any clutter.

Bedding Items

Students can never be too careful when it comes to their hygiene and dorm living. All campuses encourage students to bring their own bedding, pillows/cases, sheets and other related items. Because laundry isn’t always a routine practice among students, bringing over extra bedding and linens is one area where over-preparedness will come in handy.

Sleeping on dirty sheets (even your own) can lead to skin issues, allergies and even problems with bacteria. Having a steady supply of fresh bedding to swap out in between laundry days is an ideal way to stay clean and comfortable until the next trip home or to the Laundromat.