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1:1 Financial Coaching is not intended to be a solution for a financial crisis such as a need for emergency funding (students with such a need should contact Financial Aid.)
The Mind Over Money 1:1 Financial Coaching program is an informational and educational service intended to serve students who wish to discuss steps to achieve a financial goal, tackle a financial challenge, or to learn more about a personal finance topic.
Coaches help clarify goals, guide students to resources, and assist students in developing and practicing their own personal finance skills and healthy financial behaviors. Coaches, while professional volunteers, may not be experts in every personal finance area.
Coaches do not provide investment, legal, tax, or financial advice.
The maximum number of coaching sessions with any one coach is two.
I confirm that I understand and agree to the following Student Responsibilities: *
My financial coach is a volunteer, generously providing time and expertise to help me achieve my goals. I will respect my coach’s commitment by attending our scheduled appointment on time.
Coaching is a student-driven process. I will come to the coaching session prepared to discuss my goal. I am solely responsible for any actions I take as a result of financial coaching sessions.
Any information I share with my coach will be kept private, with one exception: coaches are required to escalate to Mind Over Money staff if the coach has a concern about my well-being or behavior.
I will not share private banking information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and social security numbers with my coach.