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Please understand that more than publications, this is wishful thinking. The papers in this section are working documents, please contact me if you want updated versions.

Ecology of Human Behavior and Malaria in the Amazon Basin. Download it here.

Alejandro Feged, Camilo Rivera, Kameron Harris-Deckers Spatial Analysis of Malaria in Colombia: Outbreak Analysis and Relational Networks.(Mail me if interested)

Wolovich, C., Feged, A., Evans, S., Green, S. 2006, Social patterns of food sharing in monogamous owl monkeys, American Journal of Primatology. 68:1-12. pdf

Cooperative feeding in owl monkeys: Observations on owl monkey food sharing to study the relevance of this social behavior. You can read the document in the English orSpanish awful draft version.

Vehicle aggression in Bogota. Behavioral sampling data on aggressions between vehicles. Download it here.

October, 2011