detail of Kit
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ultrachrome print on canvas
44" x 104"

An invitation to join Art & Archaeology for their sixth season with the Stonehenge Riverside Project offered me my first opportunity to spend time in this extraordinary place. An accompanying invitation to burrow into the Salisbury Museum’s Stonehenge archives was an amazing treat. Hundreds of bits of flint turned into sweeping landscapes, maps of ocean voyages, and ice age snow fields beneath the lens of my microscope. I looked for cavities in mammoth molars and stared into the sockets of ancient locals. In the end, the tools were the thing that most captured my imagination. Like their larger counterparts in the local henges, they are physical embodiments of the human psyche. They convey intent, desire, a plan, a hunger. Unlike the henges, though, they’re practical. They imply simple pleasures, as in dinner and footwear. Yet they come from the same mental musing that brought us the massively improbable henges.