restless dust

Restless Dust
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Restless Dust

leather bound book housed in
wooden box with paper sculpture & electronics, edition of 50

Restless Dust as a multimedia work housed in a two-tiered wooden box. The top portion holds a letterpress leather-bound artist's book separated by Plexiglas from a velvet-lined chamber containing two illuminated paper birds (activated when the box lid is opened). The text invites Charles Darwin's ghost to sail to present day San Francisco and wander with me through the greater Bay Area. The focus of the journey is three-fold: to celebrate Northern California's unique species; to examine Darwin's legacy and its impact on the Bay Area; and to acknowledge the fragile and endangered state of local flora and fauna. The book was created while in residence with the Imprint at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

Sales support the Imprint Artist in Residence at the San Francisco Center for the Book: