Gary Schwartz

I’m a programmer who loves open source software, open access publishing, reading, nature and a lot more...

General Info

  • Date of BirthOctober 13, 1991
  • Phone (818) 268-2339


  • CS 106A Graphics Contest Finalist (Winter 17-18)
  • Highest Grade out of >400 students in CS 106A
  • Top User CodeStepByStep

Work Experience

  • 2018-19 Academic Year (current)

    Carta course-selection site (

    Front-end Web Developer

    Carta is working on an ambitious rebuilding of the entire website from the ground up. Along with another teammate, I am rebuilding the user interface entirely from scratch using React and react-bootstrap.

  • Summer of 2018 until Present

    Stanford Summer Research College

    Research Assistant

    Over the Summer I worked as a research assistant with Professor John Willinsky (see references section below). I helped Professor Willinsky design and implement his research on so-called "predatory journals" in the world of Open Access publishing. One of my main jobs for example was data collection and analysis using Google Sheets where I used advanced functions to allow data visualization to update dynamically as more data was added (or may be added in the future). You can view the product of my work here. (Hopefully by the time you are looking at this, the spreadsheet has been made accessible to anyone. If not, please ask for permission and I will grant it as soon as possible).

  • Summer of 2017

    Rabbinical Council of California

    Kosher Supervisor

    I was in charge of making sure that the complex Jewish dietary laws were followed in several Los Angeles supermarkets.

  • May 2017

    Mesivta of Greater Los Angeles


    I taught high school students the in-depth logic of the Talmud (books of Jewish Dialectic). Taught in English, Hebrew and Aramaic.

  • May 2016-May 2017

    Emek Learning Center


    At the Emek Learning Center in Jerusalem, I taught classes in various Jewish concepts to professional people, sometimes in groups and sometimes one on one. For example I had a daily session during which I taught MIT Professor Joe Jacobson, inventor of E-Ink, with whom I was lucky enough to form a special bond of friendship.


  • Expected Graduation: 2020

    Science, Technology and Society (B.S), Computer Science (Minor)

    Stanford University

    A year after starting at Stanford in 2009 at the age of 17, I decided to take some time off to pursue religious studies at a Jewish seminary in Israel. Little did I know that I would spend the next seven years of my life deeply involved in rigorous logical training, dialectics, and textual analysis. After six years of study and one year of teaching, I decided it was time to return to finish my worldly education. After returning to Stanford, I discovered that Computer Science fit beautifully with the logical and ordered way I had been taught to think in seminary. Unwilling however to give up my love of the humanities, I compromised and majored in the interdisciplinary "Science, Technology, and Society" with a minor in Computer Science. I love the classes I get to take and the people I get to meet. During breaks, I basically pine after the incredible CS classes Stanford has to offer and take online courses such as those on pluralsight, codeacademy and freecodecamp. I will soon be applying for a Coterminal Master's in Computer Science here at Stanford as well, wish me luck!



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  • English
  • Hebrew
  • Spanish
  • Aramaic
  • Yiddish
  • Arabic

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