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Film Flashes, 1916 or 1917

Alice Joyce and crew
When Alice Joyce returned under contract to the Vitagraph studios, there was an impromptu reception for her before the rehearsal could go on. Naomi Childers headed a welcoming committee of screen folk to give her the glad hand.

Pretty Alice Joyce

DISAPPEARED from the motion pictures something over a year ago. Devotees of her particular type of acting missed her and waited in vain for another sight of her on the screen. Gradually curiosity became dulled by the never-ceasing impact of novelties, and the pictures kept moving on without her. Then suddenly, after all those months, Alice Joyce was heralded as returning to the profession from which she had vanished.

Alice Joyce and little Alice
Here is the reason for the long retirement of Alice Joyce Moore from the screen. He name is Alice Mary Moore, and she is the image of her father, Tom Moore.

The welcome, however, was tremendous. So rapidly do things hurry on in the pictures that ordinarily it would be fatal to risk such a long lapse; but in this case her following was true, and the circumstances under which she returned to the studios commanded attention. She was coming back under engagement to Vitagraph for a great part in the all-star cast to be presented in Commodore J. Stuart Blackton's forthcoming sequel to "The Battle Cry of Peace."

And the reason for her former retirement? Oh, the best in the world! The baby's name is Alice Mary Moore. And it resembles nobody in the world with such fidelity as Tom Moore, who is Miss Joyce's husband

Miss Joyce is proud of the baby and proud of motherhood. She did not let ambition and success interfere with it. She feels that she is the better off for it, both in depth of feeling in her art and in popularity. Bt this is what everybody wants to know: Is there to be a Moore Family on the screen, or will Alice Mary be relegated to the nursery, or will she be a co-star with her famous parents?

Tom Moore is with the Arrow Film Company and is full of pride over young Alice Mary.

Eighteen months off the screen is a long time in the screen world, and its ethics and precedents have turned over several times since Miss Joyce left. For fear you have forgotten, we will remind you that Miss Joyce was born in Kansas City, twenty-six years ago, and left her position as a telephone operator in New York to join the Kalem Company. She was married to Tom Moore in Jacksonville, Fla. May 11th, 1914.

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