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Here are assorted pictures of Alice Joyce that don't fit neatly on any of the other pages in this website. Be sure to also see the biographical article, individual vintage articles and filmography links to individual films for additional pictures. And definitely don't forget The Silent Ladies photo gallery

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Here are some post cards and cigarette cards from Cleo in Luxembourg.

Alice Joyce profile portrait with two-toned signature A delicate portrait with an interesting signature

The pensive portrait on this Ross-Verlag card looks like it was taken from the same photo session as this one. Portrait of Alice Joyce facing left

1912 postcard of Alice Joyce Here is a 1912 Vitagraph postcard courtesy of Randy Bigham

I couldn't resist posting this picture here, as well as with The Theft of the Crown Jewels (1914). This is a painting which (in black and white) appeared in the Kalem Kalendar, which exhibitors could request as publicity for the film (See the last Kalem Kalendar notice under the Reviews for the film.) Click for a larger image. Thanks to Cheryl and Bill Spager for making this image available, and to Randy Bigham for doctoring the shine out of the thumbnail. Joyce painting
Alice Joyce and Clarence Brown, taken on their wedding day in 1934 (thanks to Randy Bigham for this picture)

Alice Joyce and James Regan's marriage certificate (thanks to Rick Dettwiler for this and the next scan) Alice Joyce James Regan marriage certificate

Alice Joyce James Regan's certfication from the New Orleans recorder The registration of the marriage from the Office of the Recorder in New Orleans
A portrait scanned from the book Motion Picture Acting (1913) by Frances Agnew.
A clipping featuring a gag photo of Alice Joyce, Corinne Griffith with Larry Semon, from Photoplay, Dec. 1917, courtesy of Randy Bigham

A portrait by Alfred Cheney Johnston. Thanks to Jane of the Historical Ziegfield site for this picture and the next two. Portrait by Alfred Cheney Johnston
Fashion photo for Dancing Mothers A fashion photo from Dancing Mothers.
A portrait by Eugene Robert Richee Portrait by Eugene Robert Richee

Alice Joyce  portrait A portrait from Paramount (manyy thanks to Derek Boothroyd for contributing the rest of the pictures on this page)

A Ross post card Portrait of Alice Joyce

1912 postcard of Alice Joyce A Tivoli card

A tiny and delicate Wills card Portrait of Alice Joyce

sheet music cover Sheet music cover

A portrait with the label "National" Portrait of Alice Joyce, signature on arm

sheet music cover Another Sheet music cover

A post card with Joyce in Cousin Kate Portrait of Alice Joyce, signature on arm

A Paramount publicity still

Another Vitagraph postcard

A publicity portrait stamped ALICE JOYCE / UNIVERSAL / IN / "THE HOME MAKER"

A felt pennant

An Italian postcard by Ballerine Fratini.

A picture of Joyce with some text from Photoplay, April 1917, p. 25

Fan with photos of stars This fan has photos of Alice Joyce and Tom Moore, as well as a number of other stars
A Universal publicity still for 13 Washington Square
Alice Joyce and Clarence Brown Another photo from the marriage of Joyce and Brown
And here's the snipe on the back of it
Postcard of Alice Joyce Another Kalem postcard
A Ross postcard
Postcard of Alice Joyce A sheet music cover
Another Kalem postcard Postcard of Alice Joyce
Publicity still from Paramount A publicity still from Paramount
Another Kalem postcard Postcard of Alice Joyce
Publicity still from Paramount A publicity still from Paramount
Postcard of Alice Joyce Postcard of Alice Joyce
Publicity still from Paramount A publicity portrait
Postcard of Alice Joyce Postcard of Alice Joyce
Publicity still from Paramount A colored postcard from 1916
A lovely gown in this picture Postcard of Alice Joyce
Publicity still from Paramount A publicity still from Paramount
This is another portrait by Richee
This is from the cover of Motion Picture Classic, January 1927
Another from Motion Picture Classic, this from November 1916
A portrait by Lumiere of New York
This is a detail from from a Vitagraph herald that folds to 2.5x4 and opens to 20x4. The parts visible when folded are for the serial The Woman in the Web but the interior features many Vitagraph stars. The inside and outside are shown below unfolded

A Western portrait from the cover of Motion Picture Story Magazine, September 1913. At this point she was no longer appearing in westerns.
One of a series of "Little Housewife" promotional cards
A pretty Kline colored postcard
Another nice postcard image
A Paramount photo, looking rather like a costume test
Another snazzy outfit
Presumably the same outfit with the coat on.
A portrait by Pach Bros, N.Y., which has a written caption "Alice Joyce who will return to the screen in Gasnier's Production - White Man, A Preferred Picture, Presented by B.P. Schulberg".
A very pretty portrait (with the snipe on back) distributed by Vitagraph around 1918.
Another pretty portrait dated from 1924.
A publicity picture of Alice, rather unconvincingly gardening, issued at the time of Sorrel and Son, along with the snipe.
A picture of Alice and Clarence Brown, and a clipping using the same photo, in 1934.
A picture of Alice Joyce and her daughter Alice Moore, who was signing a movie contract in 1935. On the right is the snipe on the back.
Alice Joyce with daughter Alice Moore in 1932. On the right is the snipe on the back.
Alice Joyce with second husband James Regan from 1920. On the right is the snipe on the back.
A portrait by Russell Ball.
This picture of Alice with daughter Alice by White appeared in Photoplay. it has a typed 1916 copyright date and a Feb 1917 date stamp.
A Kalem picture.
A 1939 wire photo picture that appeared with her obituary.
A Paramount portrait in an elaborate beaded gown.
Another Paramount portrait.
A Beagles card.

A series of 6 pictures of Alice and her daugher Alice Moore. These pictures are the same one that appeared in the article "Anent Alice (Joyce) Mary (Pickford) Moore and her Very Proud Mother
from The Green Book Magazine v.16 Particularly interesting is the fact that some have crop marks that match the cropping in the article, so perhaps they are the very prints that were used for the articles
Little Alice
Alices at the beach
Alice and Alice
Feeding time
Tom Moore joins them in this shot, which was not included in the Green Book article

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