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The Vengeance of Durand (1919)

The Vengeance of Durand (1919) Vitagraph Co. of America. A Vitagraph Special Feature. Distributor: Vitagraph Co. of America. Presenter: Albert E. Smith. Director: Tom Terriss. Scenario: Mr. George Randolph Chester and Mrs. George Randolph Chester. Camera: Joe Shelderfer. Editors: Mr. George Randolph Chester and Mrs. George Randolph Chester. Cast: Alice Joyce, G.V. Seyffertitz, Percy Marmont, William Bechtel, Eugene Strong, Herbert Pattee, Mark Smith. 7 reels This film appears to be LOST

Portrait of Joyce in a veil from The Vengeance of Durand A lovely portrait from the film. Thanks to Derek Boothroyd for this picture.
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A color version of the picture which appeared on the cover of the Dramatic Mirror, July 15, 1919.
Color portrait of Joyce in a veil from The Vengeance of Durand that appeard in the Dramatic Mirror
Still of of Joyce in a veil from The Vengeance of Durand A full length view of this costume. Thanks to Jane of the Historical Ziegfeld site for this picture.
A lobby card courtesy of Derek Boothroyd.
lobby card from The Vengeance of Durand

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Review from Variety
Review from the New York Dramatic Mirror
Review from Moving Picture World
Review from Photoplay

Review from Variety, November 14, 1919

Marion Durand  
Beatrice Durand Alice Joyce
Henri Durand G.V. Seyffertitz
Tom Franklin Percy Marmont
Armand Le Farge William Bechtel
Capt. St. Croix Trouvier Eugene Strong
Theophile Herbert Pattee
"Tubby" Livingston Mark Smith

Some four or five years ago Vitagraph turned out a picture in three or four reels entitled "The Vengeance of Durand." The story was by Rex Beach, and adapted for the screen by Mr. and Mrs. George Randolph Carter. Recently in the search for new material some one suggested that "The Vengeance of Durand" in its original form was so powerful a story it would stand remaking, with the result that there is now a seven-reeler with Alice Joyce starred.

She story still remains a bear from the standpoint of suspense. As a feature picture it holds up with anything that has recently been placed on the market in the form of an out-and-out tragedy.

Tom Terris handled the direction and a cast of "names" was secured to surround Miss Joyce, the happiest selection of which was Gustav von Seyffertitz to play Durand. Here is a finished actor. Percy Marmont as the lead opposite Miss Joyce also gives a corking performance, although he does not appear to advantage in the early sections. Eugene Strong has no part to speak of and for all that he does might just as well have been an "atmosphere" person, but it adds another name to the cast. Miss Joyce has a dual role, first playing the wife and later the daughter who has grown to maturity. She gives a wonderful performance and looks stunning in a blondish sort of wig in the early section.

The exteriors are particularly pretty and several of the interior scenes are striking. The lighting effects are capably handled and there is some corking action in the ensemble scenes.


Review from the New York Dramatic Mirror, November 20, 1919

The Vengeance of Durand

Vitagraph, Alice Joyce, Directed by Tom Terriss, Scenario by Mr. and Mrs. George Randolph Chester.


Box Office Value Good

Exhibitor Comments: "Joyce very popular." "Good story."


Entertainment Value Excellent
Dramatic Interest of Story Excellent
Technical Handling Very Good
Coherence of Narrative Clear
Acting Excellent
Scenic Setting Beautiful
Photography Very Good
Atmospheric Value Superior
Quality as a picture Society Drama of Unusual Interest

On account of the implacable jealousy of Durand, his wife is driven to killing herself, the occasion being rumor that she is in love with a young American. Years later, Durand and his daughter meet the American in question, and at her father's command, the daughter sets out to ruin the American by way of vengeance. Love steps in, however, and prevents.

Review from Moving Picture World, November 15, 1919

"THE VENGEANCE OF DURAND." (Vitagraph Special)

Rex Beach could hardly have wished for a more effective filming of his story "The Vengeance of Durand" than that given it by the Vitagraph Company, under the direction of Tom Terris. Alice Joyce is the star of the picture, playing a double role with splendid success. The production is richly set, exhibiting many pleasing tricks of the trade, with here and there touches of originality evident particularly in the close-ups. Percy Marmont as Tom Franklin, the lover torn by the tortures of jealousy, does an effective piece of work. G.V. Seiffertitz in the role of the avenger fills a part to which he is especially well adapted, and in fact the entire cast is wisely chosen. While the picture is built more or less along conventional lines, it possesses those qualities which please the average audience.


Review from Photoplay, January 1920

Alice Joyce in large hat

Photo caption: "The Vengeance of Durand" is not up to Rex Beach's best screen material. It features the beauty of Alice Joyce.

In Brief--

"The Vengeance of Durand" (Vitagraph). An old-fashioned melodramatic narrative of an inherited vengeance and a hate carried throughout the years. The story is Rex Beach, but not Rex Beach in his best elements of clean, red-blood outdoor love and conflict. Anything, however, may be pardoned for the exquisite beauty of Alice Joyce, which, perhaps, has never been so radiant as in this enterprise. Besides Alice Joyce, Gustav Von Seyfertitz [sic] is very extensively concerned, Percy Marmont is the leading man, and the cast also includes that picture veteran, William Bechtel. Vitagraph has spared no expense in making his an opulent, even imposing production, and the exterior shots are most of them remarkable for their loveliness and clarity. Tom Terris directed.

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