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The Winchester Woman (1919)

The Winchester Woman (1919) Vitagraph Co. of America. Distributor: Vitagraph Co. of America. Director: Wesley Ruggles. Scenario: Arthur Edwin Krows. Camera: Joe Shelderfer. Cast: Alice Joyce, Percy Marmont, Robert Middlemass, Jean Armour, Lucy Fox, Joe Burke. 5-6 reels. This film appears to be LOST

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Review from Variety
Review from the New York Dramatic Mirror
Review from Moving Picture World
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Review from Variety, October 24, 1919


This is a Vitagraph feature, in which Alice Joyce is starred. It is a picture of unusual interest, inasmuch as it is different to the general run of five-reelers.

Seldom has Miss Joyce been seen in a part more suitable, and the young star makes the most of her many emotional scenes. Although she does not appear to force herself to the front, and there are a few close-ups, yet one is always forcibly reminded she is the heroine.

Having just been acquitted for the murder of her husband, Mrs.Wharton (Miss Joyce) tries to find seclusion in an out-of-the-way country village, but her secret soon leaks out and becomes the gossip of the community. Then in her efforts to save the daughter of the family with whom she is boarding from an unscrupulous villain, she is further compromised. But the man she loves sticks to her through all her troubles, and the story has a happy ending.

There is lots of human interest in the yarn. It has a punch and will please almost any audience.


Review from the New York Dramatic Mirror, October 30, 1919

The Winchester Woman

Vitagraph, Alice Joyce, Directed by Charles Ruggles, Scenario by Arthur Edwin Krows


Box Office Value Good

Exhibitor Comments: "Good story." "Original plot." "Joyce liked."


Entertainment Value Good
Dramatic Interest of Story Excellent
Technical Handling Good
Coherence of Narrative Clear
Acting Very Good
Scenic Setting Good
Photography Fine
Atmospheric Quality Good
Quality as a picture Above the Average

Anne Winchester, acquited [sic] of murder, goes to live in a widower's household as a boarder, under an assumed name. Here she becomes a friend of the widower's daughter and tries to persuade her not to marry a man whom Alice has known long ago. The daughter refuses to listen, however, and plans to elope, only to be saved Anne, who takes her place. The villain is exposed and the widower though he learns of Anne's past, marries her.

Review from Moving Picture World, December 27, 1919

THE WINCHESTER WOMAN. (Vitagraph).-- Alice Joyce is featured in this well-directed, beautifully photographed production. No pains seem to have been spared in making the picture an artistic success. Apart from the dramatic values of the production it is rich in beautiful locations, natural and pleasing incident and characterization. Alice Joyce plays the title role with convincing ease, and is supported by a competent cast, including Percy Marmont in the leading male role. The production is based on a story by Charles Stokes Wayne and was directed by Wesley Reynolds.--MacDONALD.

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