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Moving Picture World, February 14, 1920, p. 1112

Miss Young Creates Fashion Show for Display in "Forbidden Woman"

In "The Forbidden Woman," the second Equity release, which will have its premier at the Merrill Theatre, Milwaukee, February 15, Clara Kimball Young will be seen in the role of Diane Sorel, a young French artiste. The wardrobe requirements for this role calls for nineteen different creations in the way of evening gowns, afternoon frocks, dinner gowns, armloads of furs, hats and jewelry sufficient to satisfy the hearts of all he feminine admirers, the value of which is said to exceed $26,200.

Textile Colors Dominate

"The average person knows nothing whatever of the distinction to be obtained by certain colors under the photographic lens," Miss Young declares, "or an indistinct white, while other colors change their identity in a most confusing manner.

"Another most important consideration is that the color scheme of the gowns worn must harmonize with the interiors, drapes and hangings used in the different sets, so that all strong, primary colors, shadings and gradations of tone are arranged for composition effects. In 'Eyes of Youth' I was forced to wear certain shaded cloth while the Yogi character was dressed in white.

"This color combination created the problem of arranging backgrounds of such shades that while I was properly silhouetted in a scene, the Yogi would also stand out. A number of days were spent by the director and myself before we struck the happy color schemes, and in once instance it was necessary to make use of a bare wall with hanging of tapestries as a background.

Each Picture Newly Costumed

If one were to judge my gowns from the standpoint of street wear and availability of some of the color combinations would seem hideously out of place and clash outrageously. For this reason, many of the gowns worn by me in "The Forbidden Woman" have been created and designed solely for use in this one picture, because by virtue of the peculiar combinations of color, they could not be worn for any other purpose or occasion.

"I never wear a gown twice for the simple reason that each new production demands a radical change in period, style and dress, and thus entails completely new wardrobe. For instance, the clothes I wear in 'The Forbidden Woman' could not possibly be used in my next picture, 'The Soul of Rafael,' laid in the period of 1850."

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