Edith Gelles, PhD
Senior Scholar
Clayman Institute for Gender Research
Stanford University

Edith Gelles has recently completed a double biography of Abigail and John Adams published in April 2009 by William Morrow. She edited and wrote an extended biographical introduction to The Letters of Abigail Levy Franks (1733-1748), published by Yale University Press in December 2004. A historian of colonial America, Gelles has written two biographies of Abigail Adams. Portia: The World of Abigail Adams (1992, paperback 1996) was co-winner of the American Historical Association's Herbert Feis Award. First Thoughts: Life and Letters of Abigail Adams (1998) was published in paperback by Routledge with the title, Abigail Adams: A Writing Life. Gelles wrote the centennial catalogue for the Libraries of Stanford University: "For Instruction and Research." She has published many articles and reviews and has taught in the Humanities as well as the Continuing Studies Programs at Stanford.

Dr. Gelles grew up in Lake Placid, NY. She earned an undergraduate degree in history and political science from Cornell University, a masters degree from Yale University, and her doctorate in colonial American history from the University of California, Irvine. She lives in Palo Alto California with her husband Michael Weiss, and she has two sons Adam and Noah. Gelles swims with the Rinconada Masters swim team where her competition event is the 1650yd butterfly.