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Professor of Philosophy, and by courtesy of
Mathematics and Computer Science
Office: Building 100, Room 101A
Philosophy Department
Building 90
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2155
Phone: (650) 723-2964
Web Page:

Research Interests

  • Logic, especially proof theory
  • Applications of logic to philosophy, computer science and linguistics
  • Foundations of mathematics
  • Philosophy of mathematics


larger photo> A Short Introduction to Intuitionistic Logic


Find papers after 1990 at my departmental web page.

Below are most recent papers. Send mail to me at, if you'd like a copy of these or any other papers of mine.

Epsilon calculus course (Spring, 2006) notes: eps06.pdf

Logical Equations in Modal Logic (with T. Hoshi): MFOJul8.pdf

Chapter on Dynamic Topological Logic: DTL.June.5.2006.pdf

Cut Elimination for Simple Epsilon Calculus (To appear in APAL, 2007): cutsimeps.pdf

A proof of completeness of S4 for (0,1) (pdf), with Ting Zhang


Phil 155: General Interest Topics in Mathematical Logic, Spring 2008

Phil 154/254: Modal Logic, Fall 2007

Phil 353/Math 293: Proof Theory A, Fall 2007

Phil 391/Math 391: Research Seminar in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, Fall 2007


Before 2005





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