Grace X. Gao – Outreach

Girls Learning Electrical Engineering (GLEE) Summer Camp

Prof. Gao demonstrating UAVs to the GLEE summer camp girls

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Catalyzing Inclusive STEM Experience All Year Round (CISTEME365) Workshop

Prof. Gao demonstrating UAVs and robotics to K-12 educators in underrepresented and low-income neighborhoods

Girls’ Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science (GAMES) Summer Camp

Prof. Gao lecturing and demonstrating UAVs to the GAMES summer camp girls

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Girls Learning Air and Space Science (GLASS)

Prof. Gao giving lectures and participating in activities in the GLASS event

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Women in PNT Event at ION GNSS+ Conferences

Prof. Gao sharing her stories and tips

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University of Illinois Engineering Open House

Prof. Gao and her students demonstrating the robot swarm and UAVs built by her group

Hobbico E-fest

Prof. Gao giving lectures and demonstrating the UAVs designed and built by her group

Other Outreach Activities

  • Sally Ride Science Festival

  • University of Illinois Saturday Engineering for Everyone

  • Outreach through DoE CREDC Center (