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William's most recent project was an autonomous robot built to "sumo wrestle" other robots and push them off an arena. By using an Arduino Uno microcontroller, William focused on the "brains" of the robot as well as the integration of each subsystem. Working with a team, William also gained valuable experience with analog circuit design, PID controls, mechanical linkages, and DC motor control. Still, he believes one of the best parts of the project was the opportunity to practice group work and leadership skills. More details can be found on the team website at:
Other highlights include handmade, sandcasted, aluminum beer steins, a mechanical hippogriff (flying horse), and a CFD designed heat sink.

Work Experience

William's latest adventure featured an internship with enbreeze Gmbh, a German wind energy start-up. Aiming to produce the world's most efficient small wind turbine, William helped enbreeze optimize their patented control system with a full rotor blade analysis of aerodynamic loads. Through CFD and a self-made BEM program, William created a set of customizable tools for enbreeze to run aerodynmic simulations. In return, William left with new knowledge of CFD, Blade Element Theory, the German language, and European culture.


Mechanical engineering was an easy choice for William. Legos were a central part of his childhood, and in high school he discovered a knack for understanding the physical world. Now in the Stanford Class of 2013, William is majoring in mechanical engineeering and minoring in physics. He believes that these two fields give him a unique perspective when tackling difficult problems and hopes to apply his skills in the field of sustainability. William is continuing his education through the graduate M.E. program at Stanford starting this Fall.

    Coursework includes:
  • Mechanics (Classical/Quantum)
  • Thermodynamics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Heat Transfer
  • Programming
  • Control Systems
  • Mechatronics
  • Renewable and Nuclear Energy


Developing leadership skills has been a goal for William since he was a teenager. A proud Eagle Scout, William's first leadership experiences were in the Boy Scouts. He quickly excelled in positions of responsibility and became President of four clubs in high school. At Stanford, William continues to develop his leadership in the following positions:

  • Green Living Council, President
  • Green Events Consulting, Project Leader
  • Stanford Pre-Orientation Trip, Leader
  • Redwood Outdoors Club, Trip Leader
  • Engineering Physics Interdisciplinary Committee, Vice-President


  • LEED Green Associate (through USGBC)
  • Advanced Open Water Diver (through PADI)
  • Wilderness First Aid (through Stanford Wilderness Medicine)
  • CPR (through American EHS)
  • Partial Private Pilot Training (under FAR Part 61, Title 14)
  • Teaching Assistant (for Sustainable Behavior Change)

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