Crosslinguistic Investigations
in Syntax-Phonology

Crosslinguistic Investigations in Syntax-Phonology (CrISP) is a collaborative research group within the UC Santa Cruz and Stanford University Linguistics Departments. We investigate prosodic structuring, allomorphy, and related processes at the syntax-phonology interface, with the aim of understanding the degree to which seriality and cyclicity play a role in these operations across languages.

We welcome your suggestions and comments, especially on the work that is posted here (under output), and reading suggestions. To get in touch, email Vera Gribanova at gribanov at stanford dot edu.

CrISP's research activities and visitor series are generously supported by:
The UCSC Institute for Humanities Research, as a Research Cluster
The Tanya Honig Fund for Linguistics Graduate Students
Stanford University Linguistics research funding

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