Vera Gribanova

The projects below are at varying stages of development. Comments are always appreciated.

In progress. On certain manifestations of polarity focus in Russian.
Here's an extended version of a handout, from a talk I recently gave at NELS 45.

To appear [draft version]. With Emily Manetta.
Ellipsis in wh-in-situ languages: deriving apparent sluicing in Hindi-Urdu and Uzbek.

To appear [pre-final version]. Exponence and morphosyntactically triggered phonological processes in the Russian verbal complex. Journal of Linguistics.

2013. With Lev Blumenfeld. Russian prepositions and prefixes: Unifying prosody and syntax.
Proceedings of CLS 49.

2013. With Boris Harizanov. How Across-the-Board movement interacts with nominal concord in Bulgarian. Proceedings of CLS 49.

To appear. With Boris Harizanov. Locality and directionality in inward-sensitive allomorphy: Russian and Bulgarian. In The morphosyntax-phonology connection: locality and directionality, Vera Gribanova and Stephanie Shih (eds.). Oxford University Press.

2014. With Boris Harizanov. Inward-sensitive contextual allomorphy and its conditioning factors. Proceedings of NELS 43.

2013. Copular clauses, clefts, and putative sluicing in Uzbek. Language 89(4).[doi:10.1353/lan.2013.0074]

2013. A new argument for verb-stranding verb phrase ellipsis. Linguistic Inquiry 44(1): 145-157. [doi:10.1162/LING_a_00122]

2013. [pre-publication version] Two kinds of it-clefts: evidence from Uzbek. Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL8). MITWPL 67. 103-114.

2013. Verb-stranding verb phrase ellipsis and the structure of the Russian verbal complex.
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 31(1): 91-136. [doi:10.1007/s11049-012-9183-3]

2011. With Boris Harizanov. The role of morphological and phonological factors in Bulgarian allomorph selection. In Nick LaCara, Anie Thompson, and Matt A. Tucker (eds.) Morphology at Santa Cruz: Papers in honor of Jorge Hankamer, pp. 31-40. Santa Cruz, CA: LRC Publications.

2009. Phonological evidence for a distinction between Russian prepositions and prefixes. Workshop on Slavic Phonology at FDSL 7. Presented in December 2007; published in 2009.

2009. Structural adjacency and the typology of interrogative interpretations. Linguistic Inquiry 40(1), 133-154. [doi:10.1162/ling.2009.40.1.133]

2008. Russian prefixes, prepositions and palatalization in Stratal OT. WCCFL 26.

2006. With Ascander Dost. Definiteness marking in the Bulgarian. WCCFL 25.