Vera Gribanova

Here's a list of some recent/upcoming talks. For complete information on talks I've delivered, please see my CV.

June 2015. TBA. Roots workshop, NYU.

March 2014. On the distribution of Uzbek genitive subjects.
University of Missouri Linguistics Program Colloquium.

February 2014. Nonconcatenative exponence and the Russian derived imperfective.
40th annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistic Society.
Invited talk, Approaches to the Syntax/Phonology Interface Parasession.

September 2013. Subject position, case and agreement in Uzbek.
UC Berkeley Syntax and Semantics Circle.

April 2013. Russian prepositions and prefixes: Unifying prosody and syntax.
With Lev Blumenfeld. CLS 49.

April 2013. Number mismatch in Bulgarian nominal coordinate structures.
With Boris Harizanov. CLS 49.

January 2013. Case and agreement in Uzbek nominalized clauses.
University of Chicago Linguistics Department colloquium.

October 2012. Inward-sensitive contextual allomorphy and its conditioning factors. Poster presentation, with Boris Harizanov. 43rd annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 43), CUNY. [paper]

October 2012. With Boris Harizanov. Locality and directionality in inward-sensitive allomorphy: Bulgarian and Russian. Workshop on Locality and Directionality at the Morphosyntax-Phonology Interface, Stanford University.

June 2012. Non-Local interactions in Russian grammatically conditioned allomorphy.
Workshop on the Selection and Representation of Morphological Exponents.

June 2012. The interaction of syntax and information structure in three types of Russian ellipsis. Joint work with Dasha Popova and Christopher Potts. University of Tromsø Department of Linguistics.

May 2012. Two kinds of it-clefts: evidence from Uzbek. WAFL 8. [paper]

May 2012. Connecting cyclic morphosyntax and morphophonology: Russian bracketing paradoxes. Exploring the Interfaces Workshop: Word Structure. Part of the Syntactic Interfaces Research Group at McGill University and UQAM.

October 2010. Two Types of Reduced Copular Constructions in Uzbek Nominalized Clauses. WAFL 7. A lightly revised handout can be found [here].