SCBE Travel Pre-Authorization Form

The University authorizes reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the conduct of official University activities. Both the person who incurs the expenses and the person who approves reimbursement of University payment of expenses are responsible for ensuring that all expenses submitted relate to University business, are reasonable and necessary. The University requires that expenditures are: 1) reasonable and necessary, 2) consistent with established University policies and practices applicable to the work of the University, including instruction, research, and public service, & 3) consistent with sponsor or donor expenditure restrictions. In addition to the University’s travel policies and to ensure that we adhere to the Center’s budget, travel reimbursement will be subject to Biomedical Ethics’ NEW travel expense guideline as follows. Meal - Meal allowances include cost of food/beverages plus applicable taxes and tips. If all three meals are consumed, a maximum of $90/day is allowed or use per diem rate, whichever is lower. Breakfast - $15 Lunch - $25 Dinner - $50. Airfare - Must book at least 21 days in advance and must take the lowest available airfare. Lowest airfare can include costs of ancillary services. Lodging - Travelers are expected to use lodging that is necessary and reasonable. Must reserve at least 21 days in advance and selecting the lowest standard room rates available or use the per diem rate, whichever is lower.

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I hereby request authorization to travel on behalf of the Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics. I have read and understand SCBE’s travel policy and procedures as well as more specific or restrictive policies established in my division. I understand that all travel expenses must be claimed for reimbursement within 30 days after I return from this trip.

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