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Summer Fun

My wife and I took a cruise in June of 2000 up the Inside Passage of Alaska.
For pictures of that trip, see our Alaska pictures.

In October of 2001, we took a Paddle-wheel boat trip up the Columbia River in Oregon.
For pictures of that trip, see our Oregon pictures.

To learn more about Dick, visit his web site.
To read My Life Story, visit this web site.


Recent Birth

We recently added Allison Kathryn Davis as our sixth grandchild.   For pictures and a little statistical information, click on

Family Album

We recently took pictures of our family, children, and grandchildren.   For pictures, click on


Recent Additions

We recently added a walk-in closet to our home.   Click on this link to see the pictures we took of the construction.

We then remodeled both bathrooms.   Click on this link to see pictures of this project.

We purchased rental property in Benicia CA.   Click on this link to see pictures of this house.


Recent Camping Trip

We recently went camping at Brannan Island State Park.   Click on this link to see the pictures we took on the trip.


Random Stuff

Colors. A list of rgb color values, in case you have the same trouble I have figuring out what D98719 is going to look like.

If you'd like to see a really neat illusion, try this one: Checker Shadow Illusion.

If you'd like to see a really neat movie, try this one [Honda.ad.flv]:

And here's another that is fun [Morse.or.SMS.flv]:

Dick developed an IBM-370 mainframe instruction emulator that makes it possible to run IBM mainframe programs on other platforms, like Unix and Macintosh systems.  The rights for this emulator were sold to SLAC, and they are using it to run their database systems.  If you're interested in more information, just visit the Unix-SPIRES web site.

Dick also maintains the PL360 programming language compiler. For more information, use the mail link at the end of this web page to send Dick an inquiry about PL360.   You can also view a web-version by clicking on this link.

Dick is also a sleep apnea patient, and has an interesting story about how his condition was diagnosed, and his experience with CPAP masks and nasal pillows. For more information, read this sleep apnea story.

Dick recently attended a MainFrame Retirement Party, and took some pictures.  If you are interested in viewing them, then click on this link.

Finally, if you are interested in the Cursillo Movement in Santa Clara Valley, please visit their San Jose Cursillo web site.

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