Heeyoung Lee

Ph. D. Candidate
Natural Language Processing Group
Stanford University

Email: heeyoung at stanford.edu


I'm a Ph.D. student in the EE department at Stanford University. Previously, I received my B.S. in electrical engineering from Seoul National University.

I'm a recipient of a Ph.D. fellowship from the Kwanjeong Educational Foundation.


The main focus of my research is on coreference resolution.
My advisor is Prof. Dan Jurafsky.


On the Importance of Text Analysis for Stock Price Prediction
Heeyoung Lee, Mihai Surdeanu, Bill MacCartney, and Dan Jurafsky
In Proceedings of LREC 2014.

Using Out-of-Domain Data for Lexical Addressee Detection in Human-Human-Computer Dialog
Heeyoung Lee, Andreas Stolcke, Elizabeth Shriberg
In Proceedings of NAACL 2013.

Deterministic coreference resolution based on entity-centric, precision-ranked rules.
Heeyoung Lee, Angel Chang, Yves Peirsman, Nathanael Chambers, Mihai Surdeanu and Dan Jurafsky
Computational Linguistics 39(4), 2013.

Joint Entity and Event Coreference Resolution across Documents.
Heeyoung Lee, Marta Recasens, Angel Chang, Mihai Surdeanu, Dan Jurafsky
In Proceedings of EMNLP-CoNLL 2012.

Stanford's Multi-Pass Sieve Coreference Resolution System at the CoNLL-2011 Shared Task.
Heeyoung Lee, Yves Peirsman, Angel Chang, Nathanael Chambers, Mihai Surdeanu, Dan Jurafsky
In Proceedings of the CoNLL-2011 Shared Task, 2011.

A Multi-Pass Sieve for Coreference Resolution
Karthik Raghunathan, Heeyoung Lee, Sudarshan Rangarajan, Nathanael Chambers, Mihai Surdeanu, Dan Jurafsky, Christopher Manning
In Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2010).

Available Bandwidth-Based Association in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs
Heeyoung Lee, Seongkwan Kim, Okhwan Lee, Sunghyun Choi, and Sung-Ju Lee
In Proc. ACM MSWiM 2008, Vancouver, Canada, Oct. 27-31, 2008

Empirical Evaluation of Wireless Mesh Network Equipments
Okhwan Lee, Seongkwan Kim, Heeyoung Lee, Sungwoo Lee, Ohjin Kwon, Eungchan Kim, and Sunghyun Choi
In Proc. JCCI 2008, Jae-ju, Korea, April 23-25, 2008