Hesaam Esfandyarpour

Electrical Engineering Department

Stanford University




Ph.D.   EE,        Stanford University

              2004– 2009

M.Sc.   Medicine, Stanford University

              2009– 2010 (On Leave)

M.Sc.   MS&E, Stanford University

              2006– 2009

M.Sc.   EE,        Stanford University


B.Sc.    EE,        Sharif Univ. of Tech.




Contact Information


Stanford Genome Technology Center

318 Campus Drive

Clark Center W300,

Stanford, California 94305-5440


Department of Electrical Engineering

Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Paul G. Allen Center for Integrated Systems
420 Via Palou Mall, Room CISX B102,

Stanford University

Stanford, California 94305

Phone: (650) 812-2745

Fax: (650) 812-1975

Email: hesaam AT stanford.edu


I have invented and developed “electronic DNA sequencing” based on direct heat or pH measurement of polymerization, the simplest possible chemistry for DNA sequencing!  


My PhD thesis entitled “Electronic Gene Sequencing: a novel method for DNA sequencing based on direct heat or pH measurement” under the supervision of Professor Ron Davis at Stanford Genome Technology Center and Professor Fabian Pease at Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford University. This novel label-free and fast electronic sequencing has the potential to dramatically reduce the cost of DNA sequencing, both in capital instrument and operational cost. Our “bench to wellness sequencing” technology may enable sequencing as a standard tool for profiling individual genome. 


I have founded GenapSys Inc. to develop this revolutionary technology as a fully-integrated commercial product for a better health care of human society.


Overall, my research interest is technology development for biotechnology and biomedical challenges. Our goal is to make inexpensive and accurate integrated systems for real-time monitoring of patients on a range of thousands of biological parameters. More specifically, I am interested in the next generation of DNA sequencing, pathogen detection, and bio-microfluidics. Currently I am a Genome Fellow at Stanford Genome Technology Center, working on Diffrential Dual-sided nano-Calorimeter device for Real-time Protein Detection with on-chip Microfluidics, Real-time Monitoring of TB-cell Detection with Photonic Nano-crystal in Mircofluidics (Collaboration with Meredith Lee and James Harris), Low Concentration Protein Detection with Photonic Nano-crystal embedded on Optical Fiber (collabortion with Kristen Boucher and Olav Solgard).

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