Hesam Hamledari

PhD Student, Stanford University

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE)
Stanford, California

About Me!

My name is Hesam, and I am a first-year PhD student at Stanford University , Deptartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Sustainable Design and Construction Program. I conduct my research studies under the supervision of Professor Martin Fischer at the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering(CIFE). My works have been mainly focused on:

1)Automation and Robotics in Construction and Facility Maintenance: the use of artificail intelligence (e.g., machine learning and computer vision), robotics, and building information modeling (BIM) for automated construction and facility management.
2)Data-Driven Solutions for Smart Infrastructure: employing data analytics, pattern recognition, and predictive modeling towards the design of smart infrastructure systems.

Prior to joining Stanford in Fall 2016, I finished my research-based MASc at University of Toronto, Canada (2014-2016), and under the supervision of Professor Brenda McCabe. My MASc was focused on drone-based construction monitoring. I designed and implemented a computer vision/machine learning- and nD BIM-based solution ,entitled "InPRO", which utilized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for automated construction progress monitoring.

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Thesis / Technical Reports

  1. H. Hamledari (2017), "IFC-Enabled Site-to-BIM Automation: An Interoperable Approach Toward the Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-Captured Reality into BIM", BuildingSMART International Award 2017, bSI Summit, London, UK
  2. H. Hamledari (2016), "InPRO: Automated Indoor Construction Progress Monitoring Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles", Master of Applied Science Thesis, University of Toronto, Canada


  1. H. Hamledari, E. Azar, B. McCabe (2017),“IFC-Based Development of As-Built and As-Is BIMs Using Construction and Facility Inspection Data: Site-to-BIM Data Transfer Automation“, ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, Vol 32, Issue 2
  2. H. Hamledari, B. McCabe, S. Davari (2017), “Automated Computer Vision-based Detection of Components of Under Construction Partitions “, Automation in Construction 74: 78-94
  3. H. Hamledari, B. McCabe, S. Davari, A. Shahi (2017),“Automated Schedule and Progress Updating of IFC-based 4D BIMs" ,ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, Volume 31, Issue 4


  1. H. Hamledari, S Davari, ER Azar, B McCabe, F Flager, M Fischer (2018),“UAV-Enabled Site-to-BIM Automation: Aerial Robotic- and Computer Vision-Based Development of As-Built/As-Is BIMs and Quality Control“,Construction Research Congress 2018, pp 336-346, New Orleans
  2. H. Hamledari, S Davari, SO Sajedi, P Zangeneh, B McCabe, M Fischer (2018),“UAV Mission Planning Using Swarm Intelligence and 4D BIMs in Support of Vision-Based Construction Progress Monitoring and As-Built Modeling“,Construction Research Congress 2018, pp 43-53, New Orleans
  3. H. Hamledari, B. McCabe, S. Davari, A. Shahi, E. Azar, F. Flager (2017),“Evaluation of Computer Vision- and 4D BIM-based Construction Progress Monitoring on a UAV Platform “, International Construction Specialty Conference 2017, Vancouver (Accepted)
  4. B. McCabe, H. Hamledari, A. Shahi, P. Zangeneh, E. Azar (2017),“Roles, Benefits, and Challenges of using UAVs for Smart Construction Applications “, ASCE International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering 2017, Seattle (Accepted)
  5. H. Hamledari, B. McCabe (2016),“Automated Visual Recognition of Indoor Project-related Objects “ ,Construction Research Congress 2016, pp 2573-2582, Puerto Rico

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