APPPHYS 217: Estimation and control methods for applied physics (2010)

Tue+Thu 2:15-3:30 pm / 126 McCollough


Preliminary syllabus


Grading: There will be four problem sets (total 50%) and a short written final project (50%)


Class notes

Week 1 /
Intro and linear dynamics review / A&M Chapters 1 and 2
Tue 30 March:
review of linear systems part 1
Thu 1 April:
review of linear systems part 2

Week 2 /
Input-output performance and stability; state feedback / A&M Chapters 5 and 6
Tue 6 April:
input-output properties of second-order systems
Thu 8 April:
reachability and state-feedback stabilization

HW assignment #1, due Tue 20 April (in-class or put in the box at 34 Ginzton)
A&M exercises 2.10, 5.11 (use numerical parameter values on page 60), 6.2, 6.5, 6.8

Week 3 /
Output feedback and state estimation / A&M Chapter 7
Tue 13 April: continue discussion of notes from 4/8
Thu 15 April:
state estimation examples; stochastic differential equations and the Kalman-Bucy filter

Week 4 /
More on filtering
Tue 20 April: a brief mention of
quantum filtering; A&M Chapter 7 example problems
Thu 22 April:
Hidden Markov Models and the Wonham filter

Week 5 /
Transfer functions / A&M Chapter 8
Tue 27 April: input-output modeling with transfer functions
Tue 29 April:
exponential response

HW assignment #2, due Tue 11 May (in-class or put in the box at 34 Ginzton)
A&M exercises 8.3, 8.10, 8.11, 8.13

Week 6 /
Frequency domain analysis / A&M Chapter 9
Tue 4 May:
loop analysis and the Nyquist stability criterion
Thu 6 May:
more on Nyquist analysis

Week 7 /
Loop-shaping and PID design / A&M Chapters 10 & 11  
Tue 11 May: loop-shaping and PID design (portions of CDS110 lectures
9.1, 9.2 and 11.1)
Thu 13 May:
robust performance; limits on feedback control

Week 8 /
Feedback control examples; balanced truncation
Tue 18 May:
feedback tracking of fluorescent particles; measurement-noise limited tracking
Thu 20 May:
balanced truncation primer; concatenated quantum codes

Final “project” due Friday 4 June by 5:00pm (put in the box at 34 Ginzton)
Choose one of the following three topics mentioned in the textbook, and provide a more detailed treatment of the topic in your own words (three pages or so), drawing from outside sources (papers, other textbooks, reputable web sites, etc.) as necessary.  Your project should be written in such a way that it would be understood by your classmates and should go at least a little beyond what is already in Astrom & Murray.
Topics: Describing Functions (p. 288); The Vinnicombe Metric (p. 349); H-infinity Control (p. 371).

Week 9 /
Local and global stability in nonlinear systems
Tue 25 May:
nonlinear stability and bifurcations
Thu 27 May:
optical bistability; nonlinear model reduction by projection onto manifolds

Week 10 /
Feedback with physical signals
Tue 1 June:
linear and nonlinear examples of coherent feedback control