Hello world!

I am a fourth-year PhD student in Stanford's Electrical Engineering department. I'm advised by Mohsen Bayati in the GSB. I graduated summa cum laude from Harvard in 2012 with a A.M. in theoretical physics, and a A.B. in physics and mathematics. You can email me at hsridhar[AT]stanford[DOT]edu.

My research interests center around analyzing the new incentives created by Medicare pay-for-performance policies and assessing their (existing and potential) impact on patient outcomes in the US healthcare system. I find working in this space particularly exciting as we use a wide range of tools from econometrics, high-dimensional statistics, and game theory.

My current work is on
(i) detecting fraudulent coding behavior in response to new Medicare incentives,
(ii) using online learning algorithms to improve allocation of personalized treatments, and
(iii) analyzing the efficacy of hybrid pay-for-performance contracts.