Hello world!

I am a second-year PhD student in Stanford's Electrical Engineering department. I'm advised by Mohsen Bayati in the GSB. I graduated from Harvard in 2012 with a A.M. in theoretical physics, and a A.B. in physics and mathematics. You can see my CV here, or my random research ramblings here.

Unsolicited Thoughts

1) Research Rotations

Stanford EE started it's first official rotation program in the year I joined. This was extremely lucky for me since I had no idea what I wanted to work on. During the summer before starting my PhD, I had the chance to work with Amin Saberi and Farnaz Ronaghi on data analytics for their new team-based MOOC called Venture Lab (now the startup NovoEd). It was very exciting to get introduced to the realm of data mining in such a high-impact setting. During the fall quarter I worked on a project with Mohsen on trying to improve the LASSO algorithm for highly-correlated datasets. In the winter quarter I worked on a project with Andrea Montanari on trying to predict adverse patient outcomes and drug-drug interactions using AERS data. In the spring quarter, I worked a little with Ramesh Johari and Ramki Gummadi on healthcare mechanisms for aligning doctor incentives with cost-cutting. These projects have given me incredibly valuable perspective and experience using which I've been able to generate some of my own half-decent research ideas that I'm pretty excited about.

2) Current Work

I'm currently working on using Kaggle as a platform for studying some theoretial and empirical questions about dynamic contests. Thanks to Kaggle CEO Anthony Goldbloom for providing us some data to work with! I also work with Joel Goh on algorithms for detecting upcoding in Medicare data. Send me an email if you want to chat about research and I'll be happy to grab coffee and bore you to death with all the nitty gritty details :).