Feb 22

To all Lovers of Musick.

This Day the 22d Instant, at Stationer’s Hall, for the Benefit of Mr. Wells and Mr. Kenny, will be an excellent Consort of Vocal and Instrumental Musick, performed by Eminent Masters, English and Forreign. Among other choice Compositions, a celebrated Song of Mr. Hendel’s, by a Gentlewoman from Abroad, who hath never before exposed her Voice publickly in this Kingdom. To which will be added an uncommon piece of Musick by Bassoons only. Country Dances when the Consort is over, and such a Decorum kept that the most innocent may be present without the danger of an Affront. Tickets at 2 s. 6 d. each, to be had at Sam’s Coffee-house Ludgate street, Tom’s Coffee-house near the Royal-Exchange, Rainbow Coffee-house Temple-Bar, Will’s Coffee-house Charing-Cross, Scotland-Yard-Gate, and at the Hall-Door. To begin at Six.[1]




Sep 26

On Sunday Morning last, his Majesty went to his Royal Chappel at St. James’s, and the Right Hon. the Earl of Stamford carried the Sword of State; Te Deum was sung, compos’d by Mr. Hendel, and a very fine Anthem was also sung; [...][2]




On Sunday Morning last, His Majesty went to His Royal Chappel at St. James’s, and the Right Hon. The Earl of Stamford carried the Sword of State; Te Deum was sung, composed by Mr. Handel, and a very fine Anthem was also sung; and the Reverend Mr. Moor, Brother to the Right Hon. The Earl of Drogheda, preach’d a Sermon.[3]




Oct 17

Hamburger Relations-Courier, 9 November


London, 19. Okt.1714

Am Sonntag aber begleiteten der Printz und die Printzessin [von Wales] den König in die Hof-Capelle zu St. James allwo damahls wegen der Printzessin und ihrer kleinen Printzessinnen glücklichen Ankunfft das Te Deum, nebst einem andern mit einer fürtrefflichen Musique von dem berühmten Musico Hrn. Händel componirten Danck-Stück abgesungen ward.[4]




Oct 20, 24

[20 October 1714]

One may easily conclude this was not a Day

of real Joy to the Jacobites. However, they

were all there, looking as cheerful as they could,

but very peevish with Everybody that spoke to

them. My Lady Dorchester stood underneath

me; and when the Archbishop went round the

Throne, demanding the Consent of the People,

she turned about to me, and said, ‘Does the old

Fool think that Anybody here will say no to his

Question, when there are so many drawn Swords?’

However, there was no Remedy but Patience, and

so Everybody was pleased, or pretended to be so.

Sunday, / October 24.

I went to the Chapel in the Morning, and [6]

when it was done, to the Drawing-room; and

the Princess seeing me, called to me, and said,

‘Did Lady Essex Robartes deliver my Message

to you?’ To which I answered, that I had

not seen her since her Royal Highness had

spoke to her last Night at the Opera. [...][5]




Dec 30

By His Royal Highness’s Command.

AT the King’s Theatre in the Hay-Market, this present Thursday, being the 30th of December, will be perform’d an Opera call’d, Rinaldo. With all the proper Decorations as Originally. The Part of Rinaldo by Signora Diana Vico, Armido by Signora Pilotti, Almirena by Mrs. Robinson, Godofredo by Signora Galerati, Argantes by Signor Angelo Zanoni, lately arriv’d from Italy. The Pit and Boxes to be put together, and no Person to be admitted without Tickets, which will be deliver’d out this Day at the Theatre, at 8 s. each. Boxes upon the Stage half a Guinea. Gallery 2 s. 6 d. By Command, to begin at half an Hour after Five.[6]


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