The “Nairobi incident”


On June 11, 1988, a mysterious figure appeared suddenly at a Christian meeting outside Nairobi, Kenya. Instantly recognized by many as Jesus, he addressed a crowd of six thousand and healed dozens. He promised to return with more blessings and then he was reported disappearing into thin air while leaving the area.

The incident was witnessed by an editor of the Kenya Times and captured on film. Job Mutungi’s subsequent report generated worldwide attention, supporting already existing claims about the return of the Christ.

The following are reproductions of Mutungi’s story and related themes from issues of the Kenya Times (now defunct). They are offered here to promote the historiographical investigation of similar events across religions.



Job Mutungi’s story:

Kenya Times, vol. 2, no. 111, Wednesday 22 June 1988, pp. 16–17.

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The “skeptical backlash”:

Sunday Times (Kenya), vol. 2, no. 19, 26 June 1988, pp. 12, 17.

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The “backdrop”: The Great Gospel Crusade

Kenya Times, vol. 2, no. 97, Monday 6 June 1988, pp. 1, 28.

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A climate of expectation across religions:

Kenya Times, vol. 2, no. 109, Monday 20 June 1988, pp. 12–13.

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