Iris Malone

Ph.D. Candidate
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Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Political Science
Stanford University
100 Encina Hall West
Stanford, CA 94305

Office: 422 Encina Hall West
Phone: (530) 559-7645

Iris Malone is a Ph.D. candidate in the Political Science department at Stanford University. Her research examines the role of violent non-state actors at the intersection of domestic and international politics. Specifically, this includes research on identifying and responding to emerging threats from terrorism and insurgent networks. She has also conducted research on irregular warfare, counterterrorism, and the Islamic State.

Her dissertation, “Insurgency Formation and Civil War Onset,” examines why some armed groups become insurgencies while others do not. In contrast to previous explanations predicated on state power, this project proposes a new mechanism to explain civil war onset. It suggests that informational asymmetries about armed groups can sometimes lead governments to under-estimate these threats and choose inappropriate counterinsurgency responses in response.