Ian Monroe

  • Visiting Scholar & Lecturer - Energy & Climate
  • School of Earth Sciences - Stanford University


Ian is a Visiting Scholar & Lecturer at Stanford University, teaching 'Social & Environmental Tradeoffs in Climate Decision-Making' and 'Renewable Energy Sources and Greener Energy Processes', and guest lecturing for 'Engineering & Climate Change.' Ian's research focuses on developing best practices for renewable energy implementation worldwide, linking energy and climate policy to sound science, with emphasis on improving sustainability criteria for electric vehicles, biomass power, biogas, and liquid biofuel options. Ian also has a strong interest in improving and standardizing lifecycle assessment (LCA) accounting of environmental impacts, as well as LCA data applications for green labeling of consumer products, including monitoring and incentivization through social networks. He's currently working on linking these together as the founding CEO of Oroeco.

Previous to Stanford, Ian worked at HDR Engineering and Winrock International, helping to implement renewable energy projects and develop carbon accounting methodologies. A particular focus of past research has been sustainability of global bioenergy utilization, using a triple bottom line approach to ensure that development incorporates sound economics, environmental protection and livelihood improvement. With work in over a dozen countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, Ian has experience at conducting the fieldwork, laboratory analysis, data mining and modeling needed to generate results upon which policy decisions can be based, as well as expertise presenting results and establishing data-driven consensus with diverse sets of private sector, government, NGO, academic, and citizen stakeholders.

Ian received Masters and Bachelors of Science from the interdisciplinary Earth Systems Program at Stanford University, where he lectured for the courses 'Pathogens in the Environment' and 'Biology and Global Change,' and conducted research through Matson Biogeochemical Cycling, Boehm Environmental Pathogens, and Ackerly Plant Ecology laboratories.

Current Research

Current research interests and projects include the following:

  1. Lifecycle assessment carbon accounting for electric vehicles and biofuels in China;
  2. Carbon and water impacts of proposed biofuel crop expansions in East Africa;
  3. Carbon and water cycle impacts of integrated agroforestry and sugarcane ethanol development in the Philippines;
  4. Incorporation of sustainability criteria in the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard;
  5. Lifecycle assessment carbon and water accounting for the global textile industry;
  6. Open-source lifecycle assessment databases for green labeling and social networking.