Mouse Ethogram

Brianna Gaskill

Dr. Gaskill is a Post Doctoral Research Scientist at Charles River Laboratories. Brianna earned her PhD studying animal behavior and well-being in the Animal Sciences department at Purdue University. She received her B.S. in Animal Sciences in 2004 from Kansas State University. Her dissertation research looked at the impact of nesting enrichment on thermal stress in Laboratory mice. Her experiments used a variety of techniques, including motivational titration, radio telemetry, infra-red thermography, immunology, and metabolic physiology to test whether mice are chronically cold stressed, and whether nesting material allows them to alleviate cold stress. Her PhD work developed a practical nesting enrichment that can be used in existing husbandry systems, and demonstrated the benefits of nesting material for mouse well-being and science. This work is supported by the UFAW Professor William Russell Research Fellowship (Dr. Garner) and AALAS Grant for Laboratory Animal Sciences.


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