Jesik Min



   Stanford University, Stanford, CA
   [Sep 2012 ~ ]

   BS Candidate in Computer Science
   Expected Graduation Date: Jun 2018
   Cumulative GPA: 3.836

   Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, Gangwon, Korea
   [Mar 2009 ~ Feb 2012]

   Graduated International Track Program

   Resume(pdf version)


   Hornos and Awards

   Microsoft Hello World Cup Hackathon - 3rd Place
   [Nov 2012]

Developed a Windows 8 Mobile Phone application, Walk Smart: an application searching the quickest path for college students based on bottom-to-top approach. In other words, this path-searching application collects data from the actual students in the college campus and uses it to calculate the quickest route between the entered locations. Ranked as the 3rd place.

   Korea Presidential Science Scholarship
   [May 2012 ~ Present]

Receives $50,000 per year from the Korean government as one of the ten annually selected students in the nation(South Korea), who most likely to pursue their study in the fields rerlated to science and engineering and contribute to the society in the future.

   Samsung Electronics Frontier Membership
   [Jul 2012 ~ Present]

Affiliated with Samsung Electronics as a Frontier member; a membership only given to twenty annually selected students in the nation. Samsung Electronics offers some up-to-date technology-related seminars and conferences to the members.

   Princeton University Math Competition - 3rd place
   [Nov 2010]

Annually held math competition at Princeton University. Won the 3rd place in Power Round by solving several challenging problems in Graph Theory.

   56th National Science Fair Physics Division - 3rd Place
   [Sep 2010]

Conducted research on Korean Traditional Instrument, Daegeum, using the method of FFT and acoustical analysis and presented it in front of many experts and audience.

   2nd International Conference for Youth - Excellent Scholar Award, Natural Sci
   [Aug 2012]

Conducted research on photoacoustic effect and presented it in front of professors and multinational student audience.

   USAMO Qualifier, AMC 10, 12 Certificate of Distinction
   [Mar 2009]

Qualified for USAMO due to significant achievement in AMC 10, 12 (Certificate of Distinction for 4 consecutive years)