248 Mile

248 Mile has been the evolution of a game idea that we have been toying with for a long time due to one of our drawmates who really loves cars. We created it as a final project for the CS248 class at Stanford - Introduction to Computer Graphics. It is a game in which you, the stunt car driver, drive around on a terrain inhabited by evil patrol units. To win the game, you shoot them down with one of two possible weapons - a missile or a projectile. The name is of course, spun off from the movie, 8-mile, starring Eminem. It represents the long journey we took to the completion of this game over 3 weeks.

As of all ambitious projects hampered by stingy time constraints, we found that we were able to succeed in some of our goals, but we were forced to sacrifice others. We were glad to have this chance to get to know OpenGL. Here are some really early screenshots from when we started to experiment with OpenGL. Observe the nifty rotating capability and texture mapping!

Some intermediate screenshots:

And the finished product!!


Some Details: