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Jeremy Hsu


I am a graduate student in the Hadly lab, part of the Department of Biology at Stanford University. I am broadly interested in population genetics and conservation biology, with research on a diverse set of organisms. I graduated from Harvard College cum laude in May 2011 with high honors in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. From 2009 to 2011, I conducted research in the lab of Dr. Marcus Kronforst, part of the Harvard FAS Center for Systems Biology.

My research in the Kronforst lab focused on elucidating the genetic basis of migratory behavior in monarch butterflies, with the work presented at several conferences. For my senior thesis, I was awarded a Hoopes Prize in May of 2011. I am continuing research in the field of evolutionary genetics at Stanford, focusing on the genetic change of a species of tuco-tuco, South American rodents, in response to environmental perturbations. My graduate work is supported by both a NSF predoctoral fellowship and a Stanford Graduate Fellowship.

I can be reached at jeremyhsu (at) stanford (dot) edu.

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