I've been very liberal with interspersing links around my website. But, in case you missed them, below I have a list of links that are especially important to me.

Stanford University Linguistics Department: Awesome things are happening here, so check out this website for more information, plus links to people and projects.

Voices of California: Stanford-sponsored fieldwork project in which we collect recordings and analyze varieties of English around the state of California.

North Carolina State Linguistics Department: Another great place where cool linguisticky things are happening. Also links to my former professors and friends here as well.

North Carolina Language and Life Project (NCLLP): An awesome group of linguists who are constantly gathering recordings and analyzing varieties of English around the state of North Carolina.

Talking NC: The place to buy all the great documentary DVDs, CDs, and books produced by the NCLLP.

SLAAP-The Sociolinguistic Archive and Analysis Project: Huge database composed of ~5000 recordings of speakers from the USA and elsewhere, housed at NC State. Developed by Tyler Kendall, it organizes and catalogues tons of data, along with interfaces for transcription, annotation, and acoustic analysis through PRAAT. It's awesome.

NORM-The Vowel Normalization and Plotting Suite: Another great tool developed by Tyler Kendall, as well as Erik Thomas. For those of us obsessed with vowels, this site is a great place to easily and painlessly plot them.

I know I'm probably missing some other good links, so I'll try to update this as I remember them.