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Curriculum Vitae

Constantine Mitsotakis Professsor in the School of Humanities and Sciences (Departments of Political Science and Classics). Stanford University.

Ph.D. University of Michigan, Department of History, 1980.

2006 - Stanford University.
1990-2006. Princeton University.
1980-1990 Montana State University.

2009 President of the American Philological Association

2007 Balmuth Lecturer. Tufts University.

2006 University of Sydney. Visiting Fellow

2004-9 Center for Hellenic Studies (Washington DC). Senior Fellow.

2004-5 Center for the Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences. Fellowship (residential)

2004 Wesson Lecturer in Problems of Democracy. Stanford University

2003-4 Paul H. Nitze Senior Fellow. St. Mary's College (Maryland).

2003 Biggs Resident in Classics.Washington University in St. Louis.

2001 Nichols Visiting Professor in Humanities and the Public Sphere. U. of California at Irvine

2000 Professeur invite. Centre de recherche Gustave Glotz, Universite Paris 1 Sorbonne

1997 Clare Hall, Cambridge. Visiting Fellowship

1997 National Endowment for the Humanities. Fellowship for University Teachers

1996-97 John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. Fellowship

1994 Charles Beebe Martin Classical Lecturer. Oberlin College.

1991 University of New England, Australia. Visiting Fellow,

1989 90 Center for Hellenic Studies. Fellowship (residential)

1989 90 American Council of Learned Societies. Fellowship

1989 American Philological Association. Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit (year's best book) for Mass and Elite in Democratic Athens

1989 Montana State University. Wiley Award for Meritorious Research

1989 National Endowment for Humanities. Summer Research Stipend

1986 87 University of Michigan. Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History.

1983 84 National Humanities Center. Fellowship (residential)

1981 American Council of Learned Societies. Fellowship for Recent Ph.D's

1981 National Endowment for Humanities. Summer Research Stipend


2002-3 Acting Director. University Center for Human Values. Princeton University

1999-2002. Senior Fellow. Princeton Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts.

1999-2000. Acting Director. Program in Hellenic Studies. Princeton University.

1997 (June), 1999 (June) New York University. Faculty Resource Network Workshops on "The Classical World" (Diversity and Democracy, Ancient Slavery). Organizer.
1995 99 Member of the Editorial Board and the Board of Trustees, Princeton University Press (Member of the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees 1998, Chair of the Editorial Board and Member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees 1999).

1992 95 Board of Directors, American Philological Association.

1989 94 Co Director, "Democracy 2500" Project. Public programs commemorating the origins of democracy. Sponsored by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, U.S. National Archives, NEH, Cafritz and Leventis Foundations. Grant total ca. $500,000.

1985 87 (annually) Travelling Lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America. Lectures on Greek military architecture

1984 92 (annually), Visiting Speaker, Naval War College, Strategy Department.

1983, 1985, 1988 (summers) Director, Montana State University Archaeological Survey Team (Greece and Turkey)

1978 1988 (periodically) Junior and Senior Associate of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

1976 78 Teaching Assistant, University of Michigan, Department of History.

2008. Democracy and Knowledge: Innovation and Learning in Classical Athens. Princeton University Press, Princeton. 2005. Athenian Legacies: Essays on the Politics of Going on Together. Princeton University Press, Princeton.
Paperback ed. 2007.
1998. Political Dissent in Democratic Athens: Intellectual Critics of Popular Rule. Princeton University Press: Princeton
  • Paperback ed. 2001.
  • 1996. The Athenian Revolution. Essays on Ancient Greek Democracy and Political Theory. Princeton University Press: Princeton
  • Paperback ed. 1999.
  • 1989. Mass and Elite in Democratic Athens: Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Power of the People. Princeton University Press: Princeton
  • Winner of the Goodwin Award for best book of the year, American Philological Association, 1989
  • Paperback ed. 1991.
  • Digital ed. 2002
  • Modern Greek edition: Mazes kai Elit ste Demokratike Athena. Polytropon: Athens 2003.
  • Chapter 4 reprinted in Oxford Readings in Attic Orators (forthcoming)
  • 1985. Fortress Attica: Defense of the Athenian Land Frontier, 404 322 B.C. Mnemosyne Supplement 84. E.J. Brill: Leiden


    2007. K. Raaflaub, J. Ober, and R. Wallace, Origins of Democracy in Ancient Greece . University of Calfornia Press: Berkeley and Los Angeles

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    2003. Brook Manville and J. Ober, A Company of Citizens: What the World's First Democracy Teaches Leaders about Building Great Organizations, Harvard Business School Press: Boston
  • Modern Greek edition. Klidarithmos: Athens forthcoming.
  • Chinese edition. CITIC Publishing House forthcoming.
  • Turkish edition. Kapital Medya; Istanbul 2005.

  • 2003. Mark C. Carnes and J. Ober, The Threshold of Democracy: Athens in 403 B.C. 2nd edition, Reacting to the Past Series. Pearson Custom Publishing: New York [Textbook].
  • "Reacting to the Past" won the Theodore Hesburgh Award: "outstanding pedagogical initiative for 2004."

  • 1990. Barry S. Strauss and J. Ober, The Anatomy of Error: Ancient Military Disasters and Their Lessons for Modern Strategists, St. Martin's Press: New York
  • Paperback ed. 1992.

    Some articles available for download at Stanford and PSWPC.
    2008. "The Original Meaning of 'Democracy': Capacity to Do Things, not Majority Rule." CONSTELLATIONS 15.1:3-9.
  • Princeton/Stanford Working Papers in Classics 090704
    2008. "What the Ancient Greeks Can Tell Us About Democracy." ANNUAL REVIEWS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE 11:67-91.
  • Princeton/Stanford Working Papers in Classics 090704

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    RECENT PAPERS - 2008

    Universite de Besancon.

    University of Oslo.

    University of Troms

    Leiden/Penn Classical Studies Conference. Leiden

    Princeton. Workshop on "The People."

    Woodrow Wilson Center, DC.

    Harvard University. Safra Ethics Center

    Columbia University. Heyman Humanities Center

    All Souls College, Oxford. Lee Lecture in Politics

    Claremont McKenna College. Athenaeum.

    University of Texas

    American Political Science Association (Boston)


    David Teegarden. 2007. Defending Democracy: A Study of Ancient Greek Anti-Tyranny Legislation (Assistant Professor of Classics, SUNY Buffalo)

    Sarah Ferrario. 2006. Individuals and groups as causal agents in Greek historiography (Assistant Professor of Classics. Catholic University, Washington DC)

    Sean Corner. 2005. Politics of the symposion. (Asst Professor of Classics, McMaster University, Ontario)

    Emily Mackil 2003. Koina and Koinonia. Structures and practices of political community around the Corinthian Gulf. (Assistant Professor of History, UC Berkeley)

    Andromache Karanika 2002. Women's work songs and Greek poetics (Assistant Professor of Classics, University of California, Irvine).

    Kasia Hagemajer 2001. Greeks and "barbarians" in the fourth century B.C. (Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Wisconsin until 2006).

    Ryan Balot 1998. Genealogy of 'Greed' in Greek thought (Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto).

    Sarah Harrell 1998. Cultural geography: Literary representations of Sicilian tyranny. (Assistant Professor of Classics. Trinity College, Hartford until 2006).

    Susan Lape 1998. Making Community: Menander and Athenian democracy. (Associate Professor of Classics, USC).

    Charles Pazdernik 1997. Procopius and Thucydides on Freedom and Slavery (Associate Professor of Classics, Grand Valley State University, Michigan).

    Sara Forsdyke 1997. Exile in Athenian history and historical imagination (Associate Professor of Classics, University of Michigan).

    RECENT COURSES (Stanford, Departments of Political Science and Classics):

    Models of Democracy (with J. Fishkin)

    High Stakes Politics (with Barry Weingast)

    Political Economy of the Greek World (with Joe Manning)

    Origins of Political Thought.

    Ethics for Political Animals.

    Collective Action in Classical Athens.