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I host my papers on SocArxiv. Since this is a fairly new thing for the sociologically trained, you might want to learn more by reading the SocArXiv announcement. The published papers below link to pre-prints, with redirects to the various (gated) journal sites where the final versions are hosted. I'll spare you a rant about open access here.

"Risky Recombinations: Institutional Gatekeeping in the Innovation Process."
With Gianluca Carnabuci. Forthcoming in Organization Science.

"Racial Diversity and Union Organizing in the United States, 1999--2008."
2016. The Industrial and Labor Relations Review 69(1): 53--83.

"The Lives and Deaths of Jobs: Technical Interdependence and Survival in a Job Structure."
With Sharique Hasan and Rembrand Koning. 2015. Organization Science 26(6): 1665--1681.

"The Control of Managerial Discretion: Evidence from Unionization's Impact on Employment Segregation."
2015. The American Journal of Sociology 121(3): 675--721.

"Specialization and Career Dynamics: Evidence from the Indian Administrative Service."
With Sharique Hasan. 2013. Administrative Science Quarterly 58(2): 233--256.

"The Eyes of the Needles: A Sequential Model of Union Organizing Drives, 1999--2004."
2008. Industrial and Labor Relations Review 62(1): 1--18.

"Collective Bargaining in the Twenty-First Century: A Negotiations Institution at Risk."
With Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Thomas A. Kochan and Betty Barrett. 2007. Negotiations Journal 23(3): 249--265.

"An Effective Confluence of Forces in Support of Workers' Rights: ILO Standards, US Trade Laws, Unions and NGOs."
With William A. Douglas and Erin Klett. 2004. Human Rights Quarterly 26(2): 273--299.

Working Papers

"Movement Spillover and Union Support during the 'Long Protest Wave.'"
With Thomas Dudley and Sarah A. Soule. Current version: July 2016.

"Firm Relocation and Spatial Mismatch: Evidence from Natural Disasters."
With Kaisa Snellman. Current version: June 2016.

"Relational Categorization: Evidence from the Diversification of American Labor Unions, 1961--1999."
Current version: June 2013.

Other Reserach Projects

"Employee Sorting in the Absence of Managerial Discretion."
With Christine Isakson. Current version: March 2016.

"Bureaucratic Careers and Communal Violence in India."
With Sharique Hasan and Rembrand Koning. Data collection in progress.

Data and Other Files

NLRB Representation Election Files
Much of my research has used data on union-representation elections from the National Labor Relations Board. Guides to files and some code are here.