Assignment 1- process (paragraph)

I decided to make the three elements of imagery the three different aspects of visual stimulation: the background color, the tree, and the flashing letters/words themselves. I hand drew the tree and then photoshopped it to look animated and then photoshopped the different points of motion as the wind blew its branches. I was hoping to give a sort of haunting, empty feel to the scene by having such a blank stage set. I also hoped that the letters sort of being typed onto the screen gave a halting, hesitant feel, as if the stage was influencing the confidence of the words themselves. I chose the words "the end" because I thought that it would be neat to have a video that is already ending as it begins. I thought it would be neat to have the letters add on individually because with the first word as "the", the line could really go anywhere. It could have been anything I wanted it to be, but it came to an end (no pun intended). So overall, I was hoping to communicate sort of an emptiness that was coming to an end as it began (depressing, I know, but I was too proud of my tree to do something different).