LING 7800-005: LSA Summer Institute 20112
Homework 2: Background in Prosody/Acoustics

Due in 2 parts:

Part I: Praat practice (due before class on Tue July 12),

Part II: Smiling speech (we will start this in class on Tue July 12 but you should finish at home and hand in the writeup together with Part III)

Part III: Sarcasm

  1. Read this paper:
  2. Record yourself saying the sentence Yeah, right! in two ways: sarcastic and not sarcastic. Try for genuine sarcasm; use your partner to make sure you get a good example and the two utterances are distinct.
  3. Compare the two sentences on prosodic features (pitch, energy, duration). Discuss any patterns you see.
  4. Write up one pgraph with your numbers and the discussion. In your writeup, make sure you compare to the Tepperman et al. paper