SYMBSYS 100 - Spring 2005
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Homework 2

Due: Thursday April 21st at 10:00am at the start of class, in class. Late homework will not be accepted.

There are three parts to the assignment. Please begin each part on a new piece of paper with your name on the top.

1. Turing Test

(a) Briefly describe the procedure of the Turing Test
(b) If something has passed the test, what would Turing conclude?
(c) Turing envisioned several objections to this conclusion. Explain one of them, and give Turing's reply (alternatively, raise your own objection and speculate what his reply might be)

2. Symbolic and Embodied Models of the Mind
(a) Characterize the symbolic view of the mind and give some reasons why it is a good model for the mind.
(b) Characterize the embodied view of the mind and give some experimental evidence for it.
(c) Which view do you think is a better model for the mind?

3. Philosophy of Mind
(a) Explain how a world of zombies might make us believe in epiphenomenalism
(b) Characterize and defend your own position on the relation between the mind and brain in terms of materialism/dualism and epiphenomenalism/mental efficacy (If you are undecided, pick a position).
(c) What are the problems with the view you just espoused?

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