Nice to e-meet you! I'm an interdisciplinary soul who seeks novel solutions at underexplored intersections of computer vision, HCI, machine learning, medicine, creativity, and people—especially when I get to tackle problems in new domains from a different technical perspective. I'm an Applied Scientist at Microsoft AI working on bettering computer vision for humans, machines, and their collaborations, and recently graduated from Stanford University with a joint M.S. in Computer Science with a Distinction in Research advised by Serena Yeung, and B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science advised by Brad Efron.

My research interests intersect at computer vision + human-computer interaction, though I'm also excited by and have worked on medical computer vision, generative models, and unsupervised learning and knowledge discovery et al., too. I also enjoy creating non-research projects that positively impact the world! Previously, I've segmented nerves and objects at Stanford MARVL (fun fact: I made our logo and website!), developed deep visual embeddings with Yale Song at Microsoft Research and Bing search, made automated funny faces with Yannick Hold-Geoffroy and Cynthia Lu at Adobe Research, and segmented liver tumors with Jared Peterson and Fijoy Vadakkumpadan at SAS Institute.

In the rest of (sadly) finite time, I illustrate puns, collect penguins, sing C-pop in the shower, and break awkward silences. I also invest time into advocating for, mentoring, and creating communities for women in tech. I'm always open to collaborative ponderation, so don't hesitate to drop me a line (or other geometric shape)! I don't byte :)


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