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August 22, 2006

Botswana. National Statistical Tables. 2001

Botswana. Central Statistics Office.
National statistical tables, August 2001. 2001 population and housing census.

Gaborone : Central Statistics Office : Dept. of Print. and Pub. Services [distributor], 2003. xiii, 510 p. ; 30 cm.
[Published December 2003]

Information at district and national levels. Covers Population Characteristics. Marital Status, Language and Religion. Education and Training. Births and Deaths. Parental Survival. Usual Economic Activity & Unemployment. Current Economic Activity. Migration Based on One Year Period. Migration Based on Five Year Period. Place of Birth. Household Agriculture & Land Ownership. Housing. Ownership of Durables. Home Based Care. Disability.

Includes statistics on Botswana citizens abroad by sex, country and duration of absence, Land ownership by sex of household head and district, Number of housing units....by size of village and principal source of fuel, Ownership of durables (car, radio, TV, computer, phone, etc.), Households by persons illness status, Disability statistics.

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