September 03, 2005

African Government Document of the Week

Rwanda. Ministere des Finances et de la Planification Economique. Direction de la Statistique.
Rapport d'analyse des resultats. Enquete sur les indicateurs de base du bein-etre QUIBB - 2003.

[Kigali] 2004. 166 pages. In French.

Statistics on:
population, education, health, employment,
housing, good governance, agriculture, livestock,
radio, TV, telephones, consumption.

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August 16, 2005

African Government Document of the Week

Rwanda. National Unity and Reconciliation Commission.
Opinion Survey: the process of decentralization and democratization in Rwanda.
Kigali: National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, 2004.
64, [83]p.

Survey on governance, social cohesion, democratization of over 10,000 Rwandans from every province during 2003 just before the national elections.

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