September 19, 2005

The Stanford Connection

The Ewe of Togo and Benin.
Edited by Benjamin N. Lawrance.

Accra, Ghana: Woeli Publishing Services, 2005. 359 p.
(Handbook of Eweland, Vol. 3)

Topics include - pre-colonial times, archaeology, political and social history of Lome, traditional legal authority, Ewe girlhood game, naming practices, religious traditions, music traditions, the Ewe language, Ewe literature, visual arts, rural development, the Ewe diaspora. Includes a Bibliography.

Editor Benjamin Lawrance received his MA and PhD in History from Stanford University.

His dissertation topic was Shaping states, subverting frontiers: Social conflict and political consolidation among the Ewe dukowo in the Togoland mandates, 1919--1945 (Togo, Ghana).

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