February 20, 2006

Zambia 2000 Census of Population and Housing

Zambia. Central Statistical Office.
2000 Census of Population and Housing.

Lusaka, Zambia: Central Statistical Office, 2003 -

v. 1. Central Province : analytical report -- v. 2. Copperbelt Province : analytical report -- v. 3. Eastern Province : analytical report -- v. 4. Luapula Province : analytical report -- v. 5. Lusaka province : analytical report -- v. 6. Northern Province analytical report -- v. 7. North-Western Province : analytical report -- v. 8. Southern Province : analytical report -- v. 9. Western Province : analytical report -- v. 10. Zambia analytical report -- [v. 11]. Census atlas

Statistics include population over 10 year periods, crop production, education, health facilities by district, HIV prevalence by province, population by age and ethnicity, foreign population of Lusaka, language of communication, literacy rates, school attendance, fields of study, employment by industry and occupation, unemployment, fertility, infant mortality, life expectancy, the disabled, etc.

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September 06, 2005

African Government Document of the Week

National Archives of Zambia.
A First Guide to Non-Governmental Archives in Zambia.
Compiled by Marja Hinfelaar and Giacomo Macola.

Lusaka: National Archives of Zambia, 2004. 121 pages

Listing and description of non-government collections in the National Archives of Zambia. Describes the papers of colonial administrators, European settlers, missionaries, mission and church archives, African politicians, archives of Zambia political parties (UNIP, ANC-Zambia, etc.), trade unions, chambers of commerce, councils on alcoholism and addiction, Zambia Council for Social Development, Zambia National Farmers’ Union, Zambia Consolidated Coper Mines – Investment Holdings, and more.

Includes biographical information on individuals and short histories of organizations. Other countries are noted. For example, the papers of F. S. Arnot include Angolan journals from 1889-1894 when he was a missionary. Bibliography. No index.

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September 02, 2005

Land Reform - Zambia

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace.
Impact of the Land Act 1995 on the Livelihoods of the Poor and Peasants in Zambia.
Lusaka, Zambia: 2003. 163 pages

Discusses the situation for women and states that people want the chiefs to have more power.

For internet resources on Zambia see

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