Karen Sachs


My work involves probabilistic modeling of signal transduction pathways. I use probabilistic approaches to study how different proteins in a signaling pathway depend upon and influence each other. This information is extracted from data, in which these proteins have been measured many times, each time in a single cell, using a technology called "flow cytometry".



Postdoctoral Scholar,

Stanford University School of Medicine,

269 Campus Drive,

Center for Clinical Sciences Research (CCSR) - 3205,

Stanford, California 94305

- Ph.D., Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bayesian Network Models of Biological Signaling Pathways (download dissertation)

- B.Sc., Biology, Technion Israeli Institute of Technology, Summa cum laude



Merck/MIT Bioinformatics Fellowship 2000-2002

Science Magazine Breakthrough of the Year Runner Up, Systems Biology, 2005

Awarded Arthritis Foundation Fellowship 2006

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fellowship (2006-2009)

McCormick Fellowship 2006

Biocomputation at Stanford (BCATS) symposium, Best speaker award (2007)

IEEE Conference on Systems Biology, Best paper award (2008)

Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing Travel award (2009)

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Naming sponsorship (2009)

24th International Conference on Supercomputing, Best paper award (2010)